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Maria’s been doing regular ultrasounds of Samantha’s growing offspring, more than usual for what is so far an uneventful pregnancy. This is, of course, due to the unusual nature of this being humanity’s first space gestation.
All the readings are in the normal range so far, so the big suspense has been the gender reveal. Maria has been looking closely at the images for a month now without seeing a sign of a penis, but she’s held off making a final determination. Now, she’s ready to conclude that Samantha and Dave have a baby girl on the way.
Back on Earth oddsmakers began paying off on the news, although some are holding out until the actual birth. Governor Argus issued a statement expressing delight at the prospect of a granddaughter. Samantha, true to form, kept up her usual duties as mission commander. She’s nothing if not focused.
Now she needs to pick a name.


2 thoughts on “Roger’s Blog

  1. Wouldn’t she wait until she sees conventional sex markers rather than relying on lack of seeing a penis? Presumably if she knows enough about how to do the scan to act as her own technician, she has a fair bit of experience in interpreting the pictures. (I know that the technician is normally the one who tells you the sex, because you find out at the scan, you don’t have to wait until the doctor sees the pictures, but presumably the doctors know all the same ways to tell?)

  2. If a name’s up f a search, then I recommend some in connection to the Mars Project…like Celestia, in recognition to the patterns the stars makes. Or possible Sirrius, after the Dog Star — if it does turn out to be a boy…

    (Though for all we know, there could be a sneaky twin hidden away from the Ultrasound’s waves until the actual due date. After all, Lindesfarne’s had a girl, so has Sabrina, it’s about time for a little more variety in the results of certain pregnancies)

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