With Roger’s regular site still down, we’re presenting his weekly report from space here.

We’re so focused on our daily jobs at maintaining the ship’s functions that we don’t get a sense of how people back on Earth are reacting to us. We’re used to Bambi (and to a lesser extent Dave and Oscar-nominated Ming) being our resident celebrities, but the rest of us have always kept a low profile. (In the case of Samantha and her genetics research, time-traveling Maria and Remora the mermaid that was by design.)
Now things have changed, even for the children. Every action of ours is beamed back home for a waiting world that’s become obsessed with us. True to form, that’s including betting.
On a week when the Supreme Court allowed sports wagering, humanity has already been placing bets on the kids’ board games. Clay and Candide, competitive since birth, have always been evenly matched so their outcomes are perfect for that purpose.
Now we have to make sure the dodos don’t try to influence the results.


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