Why is Jenny a member of the crew? She has no obvious skill set other than negotiating contracts (at which she’s very good), but she could represent Bambi, Ming and Dave while remaining on Earth. (Those are her only three clients, and Dave is retired from basketball.)
One can see that she wants to stay with her husband Luis, but I’m away from Marcie and we’ve worked it out, so it can be done. Ostensibly she’s in charge of making sure Bambi records singles on a regular basis, but Bambi’s a pro and doesn’t miss deadlines.
There are still a lot of tasks in maintaining the ship that don’t require deep technical knowledge, but just the ability to follow instructions. Being detail-oriented, Jenny is fantastic at that and has proven herself to be highly reliable. She doesn’t get any credit for it, though.
This probably is what led to her having a dream in which her role became crucial. That’s an understandable reaction.
BTW, Samantha didn’t really sneak around in the dark to create new undergarments for herself. On this ship privacy is pretty much a thing of the past.


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