Thomas is in good spirits and the medical prognosis is all positive. He just has to be careful for the next few weeks until he’s fully healed. The mission can’t afford for him to re-tear his incisions by trying to come back too soon. So, Maria is restricting his movements as much as possible (although she does allow him to hang carefully from his trapeze for limited periods of time).
As Samantha heads to the final weeks of her pregnancy, she’s a frequent visitor to Sick Bay in order to monitor her baby’s health. She and Thomas talk about pregnancies, of which Thomas has personal experience. (Long story) He’s actually more empathetic to Samantha than Jenny or Ming. The other mom on board is Maria, of course, who is strictly professional about the matter.
Remora, meanwhile, is demonstrating that she’s a more than capable co-pilot. Still, Dave makes sure to perform the really important maneuvers; what Remora does is keep the ship steady while Dave takes off for his normal shifts of sleep and down time.
Mars looms ever closer.


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