As I’ve previously mentioned, we didn’t launch with all the supplies we need for the mission. Instead, during the voyage we regularly pick up shipments launched years earlier, waiting in space for us.
The last of these resulted in much consternation, as it was peppered with holes. As Samantha said, it could be that it ran into a swarm of space debris…or something’s been shooting at it. Samantha’s been thinking along those lines ever since a rock almost killed Luis by breaking his tether on a spacewalk.
So what do we do? Since we need Mars’ gravity as a breaking mechanism to return to Earth, there’s nothing can do but proceed to the red planet. We have no choice but to enter Mars orbit. Once there, however, we can circle it while staying behind Mars’ moon Phobos to block any further potshots.
As for the shipment, it contained goo for our 3D printers. Luckily we just lost 17% of the load from the hits.


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  1. Now I have caught up on all three of your comics…. Three…. THREE? Dude I have to admit I can’t imagine doing one for as long as you have much less three! I can’t think of a single comic artist with that kind of record. Mad props and keep on keeping on. Hope to read your stuff for years to come.

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