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Samantha’s pregnancy had gone completely smoothly right up until the finish line when her baby found herself coming down the birth canal looking up instead of down. That resulted in her getting stuck for almost an hour. Finally, Maria ordered Jenny to create two forceps on the 3D printer that Luis had set up. (The forceps were already in the system under the Medical Equipment folder.)
Maria deftly used them to turn the baby around, and she came out soon after. The first human born someplace other than Earth.
Let’s let that sink in.
Dave and Samantha were so grateful to Maria for being there, especially since it meant Maria would be separated from her son Leonardo for over a year. In honor of her selflessness, they named the baby Maria Argus Hamper. (No hyphen; Argus is her middle name.)
As I write this she is one week old in Earth time and doing fine. Samantha is making the command decisions as the crew on the surface prepares to explore Mars.


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  1. You know, I wondered what Maria meant on the 18th when she said that. I thought she meant that the baby was in breech…guess being pregnant in zero gravity onboard the spacecraft can do that to a baby’s position within the womb.

    And within 6 hours, I wonder if Ming, Jenny and Rosalind will be envious of Samantha for her labor duration, or will she be envious of them? (After all, Ming & Jenny’s ended on New Year’s whilst Rosalind’s lasted from the time it took Rupert to get to the lab to Smanatha’s house via the sewers…) To say nothing of Lindesfarne or Danielle’s over in “Kevin & Kell”, since they instinctively have their species’ labor periods (in other words, rabbits having fast labors and all that)…

    I wonder now if Samantha’s folks back on Earth will be bombarded by a daily barrage of photos of the newest editions to the family…? (Rather like what my sister now does with my niece)

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