The entire population of Earth is expecting the crew on the surface of Mars to immediately head outside and begin searching for little green men. They’ll get around to that (grin), but first there’s a ton of stuff to do just to keep everyone alive.
Mars is, quite simply, a hostile alien environment, and the crew is stuck there until the spring of 2020. There’s a ton of details in simply creating an Earth ecology within the walls of the base. Protecting themselves from cosmic rays is just the start. There’s also the matter of recycling air, water and nutrients.
Solar energy provides the power, keeping the temperature at 75˚ F. Everyone has assignments that are listed on the daily schedule; about ten hours a day. (Samantha and Dave have other duties, of course, although the others also tend to Baby Maria as need arises.)
I’m receiving the data they upload, and I’m making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Speaking of cracks, the two ecosystems, inside and outside, have to remain completely separate. That’s for everybody’s safety; Earth’s and Mars’.


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