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Once Samantha found she could control about 300 of the Martian robots, she put them to work digging a defensive ditch around the base. It’s about 10 feet deep, with the soil piled around the inside of the ring to create an even larger barrier. It’s not a perfect defense, and does nothing about threats coming from above or below, but it definitely makes the base less exposed to hostile intentions.
Samantha made sure to leave a 20-foot gap so that they’re not boxing themselves in. If need be, the robots can defend the opening.
300…that sounds so familiar.


2 thoughts on “Roger Blog

  1. 300 minus one to plug the “Canon” hole.
    (Humpty don’t count, as it has been promised not to do dangerous stuff with that one.)

  2. Maybe Samantha should have Remora try to contact the Martians. Samantha did say that she believed that the mer-folk had actually come from Mars.

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