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As previously mentioned, just because Samantha has occasionally transformed herself into a canine in the past, it doesn’t mean she’s fluent in dog language. While she’s able to speak Dog when she becomes one, that ability vanishes when she changes back.
What they needed was on-site translators who could understand what Mars was saying and communicate the messages into English. To that end, the dodos became poodles.
Can they do the job? Sure. Can they be trusted to accurately report what Mars is saying without adding a self-serving spin?


2 thoughts on “Roger’s Blog

  1. Then, why not use Pat’s mom from the start? I mean, obviously, they’re involved to begin with and clearly the former chicken, now Dodos now Poodles cannot be trusted at all. Especially when the entire planet of Mars seems to be under the impression that Dogs are the Dominate species of Earth, thus outrank the rest of the crew…

    I’m just say’n this plan is a tad unintellegent compared to Samantha’s usual foresight.

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