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Maria’s been doing regular ultrasounds of Samantha’s growing offspring, more than usual for what is so far an uneventful pregnancy. This is, of course, due to the unusual nature of this being humanity’s first space gestation.
All the readings are in the normal range so far, so the big suspense has been the gender reveal. Maria has been looking closely at the images for a month now without seeing a sign of a penis, but she’s held off making a final determination. Now, she’s ready to conclude that Samantha and Dave have a baby girl on the way.
Back on Earth oddsmakers began paying off on the news, although some are holding out until the actual birth. Governor Argus issued a statement expressing delight at the prospect of a granddaughter. Samantha, true to form, kept up her usual duties as mission commander. She’s nothing if not focused.
Now she needs to pick a name.

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Roger’s Blog is temporarily down, so until it’s back up we’ll be posting his weekly reports from Mars mission here.

WORST CASE SCENARIOA spaceship commander has a wide range of duties, and one of them is Always Thinking Of Potential Disasters. This is one edict at which Samantha has excelled her whole life.
This had to do with the recent incident in which Luis was saved due to the serendipitous intervention of his daughter. It was caused by a freak encounter with space debris, and Samantha began wondering if it wasn’t such a coincidence.
She has a point; that was a supremely unlikely event. What’s more, it came on the heels of a meteoroid hitting a solar panel during the ship’s construction. The odds of both those things occurring is too high for Samantha’s comfort.
She has no proof of a threat out there, of course, so all she could do was ask Dave to quietly alter course. I’m the only other member of the crew who’s aware of it (Can’t keep anything from me!) since it wouldn’t be productive to inflict her worries on those powerless to contribute assistance.
She’s already thinking like a parent.

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The 2014 “Safe Havens” collection is here! If you haven’t gotten enough of the dodos (and Samantha certainly has!) here’s a year in which their presence was especially annoying. How high is *your* tolerance for hopelessly toxic individuals?

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It’s finally here! The Safe Havens crew blasts off for Mars for their long-awaited adventure. Here’s where I need the help of you, the readers. Please promote their mission on every online outlet for science fiction and space-related themes that you can think of. I know many of these sites, but hardly all of them. 🙂 Give the URL, and mention that it’s a three-year mission. Thanks!

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This month Dethany’s video addresses the whereabouts of Candy the Moat Monster, once a prominent member of the Fastrack cast. Also, Easter eggs!


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Just as a reminder, “Dethany in Virtu/Noir,” is an interactive novella featuring Dethany of “On the Fastrack” as she adopts a 1940s private eye persona to solve a crime in cyberspace. She finds herself in the middle of a gang war between two groups; one promoting online transparency and the other heightened data security. A crisis erupts when people begin to have their identities drained (literally).

Along with John Lotshaw and my wife Teri Holbrook, we’ve created a unique blend of words and images, available for the iPad. Readers will be able to make choices determining the direction of the plot, and we estimate that it offers roughly two hours of crime-solving fun. It’s yours for $2.99. Learn more about it by visiting its website here.

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Classic “Kevin & Kell” strips are now featured on King Features’s Comic Kingdom site. Go here, and pick up the action from today’s date back in 2009.