5 thoughts on “April 13, 2018

  1. Assuming they don’t keep this secret from the press, their Doctor, now in training, should learn about this. So we can assume that this will work out.
    Ming should have thrusters as well. He could throw a tool, or even the camera if she gently pushes it to him.
    There is no wind to push him away, whatever vector he has will continue.
    Move the ship a little.

  2. Aren’t there specific bodily contortions that you can make that’ll impart just a teeny tiny bit of momentum/position change in space? Or, to flip around? Ming could probably grab a leg pretty easily if he could flip himself.

  3. Not sure where his center of gravity is. He would rotate around his center of gravity if he managed to spin. Plus it would be harder to grasp his foot than his hand.

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