5 thoughts on “April 16, 2018

  1. I wouldn’t say “starting to show” yet, not unlike those of the previous pregnancies here or in “Kevin & Kell”…

    (Though I think Maria might’ve been the one who put the extra material into the suits…though I suppose bringing maternity space suits might’ve been too much of a spoiler before hand)

    • She did manage to bring ultrasound equipment. I wonder if she was planning something in private with Dethany to prepare for a pregnancy without any of the crew noticing.

  2. Oh, yum. Baked Yukon Gold potatoes topped with mixed green and purple kale and cheddar cheese for supper tonight!

    Rats… no algae though… :-{(

  3. Hmm. She says four months into the voyage. But if they launched back in the 6 Jan strip, and began the long trip about a week later, it’s only been 3 months in strip time. So is the 3 year voyage going to take 3 years strip time, or will there be periodic time jumps?
    On the other hand, they were in the dorm rooms about a month before then, so maybe it’s 4 months into the pregnancy and really only 3 months into the voyage (misstatement)?

    • from what I gathered she gotten pregnant while preparing in the dorms for the trip, I think the prep time was about a month?

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