13 thoughts on “April 18, 2018

    • This is where the dodos will prove useful. Before Sam, they were almost mythical, like unicorns.
      They can say that all the magical characters asked them to take their place during that voyage, even the boogie man.
      Either that or Dethany will help them since she already knows Santa…in…Cyberspaceeee!

  1. The better question is: Where will they get a quarter to put it under the kid’s pillow? I doubt anybody took money with them, there are no shops on Mars.

    • That was my thought. It seems like money would be a waste of space and weight since there would be no usefulness. Maybe the time traveler planned ahead and has little treats hidden away for just such emergencies. Aren’t they also going to be up there long enough to deal with birthdays and holidays? Trick or Treat is going to suck this year

    • The tooth fairy knew the quarter wouldn’t be as useful aboard ship, so she substituted something else.

      After all, she wouldn’t leave a quarter to a child in Japan, right?

      • Well, it is a relatively new character mostly only used in GB and the US, so the child in Japan would probably still find the tooth in the morning.

  2. “The Tooth Fairy is actually Freddie Mercury — after all, he’s also ‘on a rocketship on my way to Mars’….” >;)

  3. They could just keep the tooth until they get home. Or they can say Mars has a fairy too, and just keep it till Mars.

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