10 thoughts on “April 20, 2018

  1. Whilst rotating the coin between the children is a good idea, I only hope it doesn’t become too much of a habit…

    ….otherwise the kids might connect the disappearance of their coin only for one of the others to have it next – especially if they got it smeared with ink or jam that the adults overlooked…

  2. I don’t get what the problem is with telling them that the Tooth Fairy operates strictly on earth and to save their lost teeth until they are back home. What are they going to do with a coin on the ship anyway? A penny would be a disappointment even on earth where they could spend it. Though on what you could spend a single penny I have no idea.

  3. it’s only counterfeiting if you try to duplicate an existing coin. (and it’s hard to make plastic look like metal). Make special plastic “tooth fairy” coinage, with the “promise” that if they save it until they get back, it’ll be converted to real money when they get back to earth (just put that under their pillows then).

  4. That’s not going to work. The kid who has the penny isn’t going to want to give it up, and when it goes missing and reappears each time, there will be questions asked.

  5. Instead of passing a penny around, they could create fake teeth with an IOU for when they get back to Earth.

    Or they could print up a challenge coin that says something like “I lost my tooth on Mars and all I got was this plastic disc!”

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