3 thoughts on “August 6, 2018

  1. Well, not entirely “unpredictable”, as we may know the results of all this from your current state, Samantha.

    As for that device, if the Dodos made it, I reckon you’d all be safer with Sub Lt. Philips’s ‘Left hand up a bit, right hand down a bit’ routine from “The Navy Lark”(!)

    You’d be much better off with Danielle’s mathematical help from “Kevin & Kell”. She can calculate and predict everything from the where George was going to land after he revealed himself to his date in July 2003 (when she was posing as his teenage daughter) to her own pregnancy of ’06…

    • From ‘The Navy Lark’

      Phillips:- Right hand up a soupçon.
      Pertwee:- Right hand up a WHAT?
      Murray:- Modicum.
      Pertwee:- Huh?
      Murray (getting annoyed):- Trifle!
      …(a beat)…
      Pertwee:- Right hand up a trifle?
      Phillips:- Ooh, messy!

  2. I think the proper term is “Chaotic”, which means that very small changes to the input make large changes to the output. Effectively unpredictable.
    A secondary use of the term fits the Dodos quite well.

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