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    • I am pretty sure you are mixing up copyright and trademark here. Also you would be surprised what some people try to trademark. McDonald’s invested quite some money to have their “I’m loving it” slogan trademarked, they had to prove that some percentage of randomly asked people associate that slogan with them.
      Of course, copyright is something entirely different, you automatically get a copyright on a work of art or work of fiction and so on, copyright only ends 70 years after the death of the original author.

  1. That middle panel makes me think. I wonder if Maria is now on an equal footing with the likes of Francis and Turvy over in “Kevin & Kell” or does one overshadow the other?

    • Francis caused a sensation after he was born because nobody, at first, could figure out his species.
    • Turvy was a sensation before she was even BORN as well as being targeted against anti-hybrid groups.
    • Whilst Maria was the first human born on Martian soil.

    So, in the world of the Holbrook comics, are they all equal, or does one stand above the others? – as far as the Media are concerned…

    (* = I don’t include Coney or Corrie as neither of them made as big a media sensation when they were born)

    • You’re forgetting the green baby, son of Samantha’s lab partners Tha is part plant. Though he has been kept in secret/private.

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