5 thoughts on “February 13, 2018

  1. Well, it can’t be any worse than Howard’s experimental space toilet he built with that little plastic device from the pizza box…

  2. To drag in a little dreary reality, Samantha would need to spend most of her time in the accelerated section anyway to ensure the baby develops normally. And once the baby is born, s/he would need to remain under acceleration most of the time to ensure the bone density and muscle tone to function back on Earth. It’s hard enough for adults to re-acclimate after extended time in micro-gravity; a child who didin’t grow up acclimated would have trouble surviving, much less functioning normally, on Earth.

    Of course, this baby is lucky enough to be born into a fantasy world, so Samantha could probably solve any problems with one of her DNA potions.

    • Not to mention exposing the fetus to radiation outside of Earth’s protection. O well she can repair the damage with her magic biology.

    • Not to mention nervous system development. Experiments we’ve already done in the real world showed how bad that could go. Yeah, gestating and starting to grow up in weightlessness they’d be fine in that environment, but they’d be in a pain filled hell as soon as they were in gravity for the first time

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