8 thoughts on “February 26, 2018

  1. It’s like the reaction of a Japanese Buddhist to 卍 vs a European’s reaction (since most Europeans don’t realize that this is just an ancient Buddhist symbol before the Hitler spoiled it for everyone.)

      • Neither and both. It’s a solar symbol in just about all cultures. Including the Navajo and the Plains Indians. During WWII, according to Bill Maudlin, here was enough of them in one military unit that it had been the unit symbol as well. None of the Indians in that unit liked it when they had to give it up on account of the use the Nazis were making it of it. ^_^

      • Buddhism was originally a denomination of Hinduism. Or a reformation of Hinduism where you don’t have castes.

        Most Hindus still view Buddhism as a denomination of Hinduism today.

        So it’s not surprising that there’re shared symbols.

  2. Technically, the Nazi symbol is the other way around, but most Europeans / Americans don’t distinguish between them.
    Google even offered the above image 1 out of 4 when I googled “nazi symbol”.
    Must annoy Buddhists terribly.

  3. I am assuming that they tested this food before setting off. Turns out that some people are allergic to algae protein. Soylent had a food bar, had to cancel it due to reactions.

    Algae oil seems safe.

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