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  1. Well, looks like things have come full circle for Sam and Dave, so now they can be concidered equal to the rest of their friends now.

    (Mind you, it can’t be any odder than how Lindesfarne got pregnant in “Kevin & Kell” just last year; http://www.kevinandkell.com/2017/kk0112.html

    A few things do spring to mind in concerns with this:

    1) Did the Dodos have a hand (or wing) this? Like getting hold of Sam’s birth control?

    2) The baby will be more like born on Mars, as it’s a 6 month journey there, so Sam will be in either 6th-7th month stage.

    3) Did anybody think to pack maternity space suits, just in case this happened? (And if there’s another double Pregnancy like with Ming & Jenny in 2011)

    4) Will the baby be effected by Sam’s previous TF experiements like Rupert & Rosalind’s back in 2015?

    Make you think, doesn’t it?

    • Charles,
      Knowing Bill, he has LONG since worked it out. When I first found out the Mars Mission was a Go, I just knew Sam and Dave’s firstborn would also be the firstborn for Mars.

      What I’m most curious about is what special attributes their son/daughter will have.

    • Considering that all of the other married women were also locked up for those dorm rooms, the limited stores of contraceptives. I wouldn’t put it past Bill to have all of them pregnant by the time they hit Mars.

      Then they can go from just visiting mars to colonizing it in a way. Which of course makes me wonder if Bill would then plan to play a ‘Lost in Space” card and have them stuck on Mars for a while.

      The only exception would potentially be Remora due to how Bill laid out mermaid reproduction in the past since Thomas is not a merman at present. Though it would be interesting to know if she can get pregnant through intercourse as a human in the human fashion and how she reacts.

      At the very least in regards to supplies they have a lot of diapers on board, the wrong size mind you but they have them. Makes me wonder if potty training will wait till they get back to earth, or have to be redone with a none zero g toilet.

  2. Morning sickness already after three weeks? That’s not good.

    At least (as I understand it), weightlessness should make it easier, with less baby-weight sitting on internal organs.

  3. This is actually something that I’m curious about, considering space travel and possible colonization of other planets- do fetuses need gravity to properly develop? Do they need 1 G specifically? I’m not sure it’s ever been tested.

    • It hasn’t been tested with humans, but if I recall correctly the fetuses of other animals have been affected by gestation in microgravity. There is also the concern of high energy radiation that doesn’t reach us due to the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field (there is a reason all x-ray and gamma ray astronomy has to be done from orbit). On a mission like this, those aboard don’t have any such protection. In the real world, there should NOT be any children on a long-term populated mission such as this. Now, given all the fanciful elements in this comic, I’ll just roll with it.

  4. Wow — the first-ever Corporate Citizen. (Not born of any nation of Earth, but someplace wholly owned and controlled by a Non-Government Entity.) I can already hear the “Admiralty Flag” crowd having nine kinds of heart attacks….

    • the child of a US citizen is always a US citizen, so the kid will be a US citizen regardless of where they’re born. Plus, while it’s not owned by the US, since it’s built by a US company, I suspect it’s considered the equivalent of a US-flagged ship (as in seagoing vessel) for jurisdiction purposes, which means you can make an argument the ship is US territory for the purposes of citizenship.

  5. The time traveler makes this interesting for what if private corporate sponsored nor first Mars landing ain’t the most important thing but the first citizen of Mars being born is the most important to the future of perhaps both worlds.

  6. Dave, Dave, Dave… Surely you know better than to say that a week alone with your loving (a LOT!) wife was “Boring”!

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