16 thoughts on “February 6, 2018

  1. Looks like Maria must’ve visited Danielle @ “Kevin & Kell” and gotten some timing calculations lessons from her (after all, she also pinpointed her own due date in 2006)

    Let’s just hope Sam doesn’t into labor whilst the rocket’s in its approach to land on Mars…

  2. Any wagers on Samantha going into labor just as they land and complete the birth just as they touch down just to add to the drama?

  3. Who else saw this one coming? Doesn’t happen often but I love being right when it does 😀
    Place your bets as to when she delivers:
    A) During final approach to Mars
    B) As the are touching down
    C) Just after touch-down
    D) Other > ________________

    For my money, she goes into labor on final approach and delivers just after touching down.

    • 4 days before, will on final approach to Mars.
      Or, maybe more appropriately, on Sept 3rd…After all, that’s LABOR DAY.

    • That’s what I’m guessing too. But in a similar way;

      Sam’s water breaks as the rocket’s on its final approach, but she has to control the landing process, so she’s now too preoccupied to concentrate on her own labor — even though she’s beginning to crown.
      Once the rocket has touched down, she pushes the rest of the baby out…

      How does that grab anyone?

      (Sorry about the delay, but I only thought of it last night)

  4. Would Maria have already known this? It’s not like the Mars mission will be secret in the future. And that the first baby born on Mars was Samantha and Dave’s.

    My guess is Maria did know this and prepared accordingly. In fact, it’ll be no surprise that, being a conscientious doctor, she would have read up on the Mars mission and prepared for everything that was going to happen.

    And, according to some – but not all – time travel rules, Maria could not divulge any of that information to the crew without running the risk of altering history.

    • Actually, a manned space mission might be one of the few situations where ‘future knowledge’ can’t muck things up, due to the rigorous schedules that everyone’s expected to keep. There’s not a huge amount of changes that can happen, if people follow the safety standards and rules of the mission the same way.

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