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  1. Well, Kirk never got pregnant, but it was a mixed-gender crew. Even with the best 23rd Century medicine, I’m sure there were a few accidents.

    In Next Generation and DS9, there were families on-screen and a few occasions where characters had children over the course of the series. Presumably, there were many more births that we didn’t see because they belonged to people who never appeared in any episodes.

    • Naomi Wildman, who was born on Voyager (her mother was pregnant when the mission started, but because it was originally supposed to be only a short mission she didn’t inform her superior officers until they were stranded in Delta quadrant), and of course B’elana and Tom Paris also had a child. There were also births on the Enterprise in TNG, Keiko O’Brien gave birth to her daughter on board. I guess there might have been more, but I mostly watched DS9 and Voyager, not really interested in TOS and TNG.

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