38 thoughts on “January 1, 2019

  1. I did not see that one coming. I probably should have, but I was completely blindsided. Well done!
    I don’t know which would be the more shocking realization for Samantha: whether it’s that her adult daughter has been with her all along or that she’s the grandmother of Leonardo da Freakin’ Vinci?!?

  2. Okay, show of hands, how many of you actually DIDN’T see this coming. XP

    Because I litterally saw this coming in the previous strip.
    :3 Teehee…

  3. OK Now I follow Doctor Who as well (NO, REALLY!!??)
    But I can’t help think that there is something about Time Travel and people meeting each other from different Time Lines . I think it was when Ron Silver touched his EARLIER self and disappeared in TIMECOP.
    But The Doctor has mentioned ‘Troubles with Time’ . All in all “What a Twist”.
    Now all I can think of is the song “I’m my own GranPaw”.

  4. Looked it up – baby named Sep 21 2018. Seemed to be spontaneous. Also found possible Chekhov’s gun for future.

    Made comment just in case to claim “guessed it” rights.

    Just in case.

  5. I’m assuming Maria’s restriction on “doubling up” in the timeline only applies to her adult self or is tied to her having the ability (also adult self only by virtue of when she got them), otherwise we’ve got a continuity glitch. Still, the look on Sam’s face is priceless 🙂

  6. Maria: “Now, the part that’s really going to tweak you for weeks, is what if I’d shown up and introduced myself as ‘Brunilda’? You DID name me after me, after all!”

    Sam: “Actually I’m already running ahead to the idea that I’m apparently the grandmother of Leonardo Da Vinci.”

    Maria: “Yeah, ain’t it the shit? You’re going to have to get some hair-straightener before you pose for the [Sam]mona Lisa!”

    Sam: “…SHE’S WHITE!”

    Maria: “Many restorations of varying skill level later, yes, she kind of looks that way. That’s how she lost her eyebrows, btw.”

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