14 thoughts on “January 15, 2019

  1. This site’s weird. All of a sudden a ways back I couldn’t get the day’s strip to load up using the same book mark I always have. It’s be days old and I’d have to manually change the URL to the present date. Now all of a sudden it’s going to present day and I have never altered the bookmark whatsoever!

  2. Nice story line, “Explorers” financed by corporate greed looking for “empty land” finds natives doing unknown things. Make a pet out of one because they, the “explorers” are superior. Then using that knowledge to enslave the entire group for their own purposes.

  3. All that would be needed to regain control would be a stronger transmitter.
    They haven’t mentioned feedback, but it seems like there must be some.

  4. Great idea, but how will they get the robots out once they’re done digging?

    They can’t leave a ramp to get out, else anyone falling into the trench could climb out the same way.

  5. What’s to prevent the Martians from tunneling under the moat? Or, for that matter, just digging a big pit right under the habitat?

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