24 thoughts on “January 23, 2018

  1. I just KNEW those birds would find a way to sneak on board the rocket…

    (I only hope they don’t put the oxygen supply at risk, like the Thompsons did in “Explorers on the Moon” — and all because they got the launch times mixed up)

    • I’d be more concerned that their usual antics could damage some of the supplies or equipment that they need in order to survive. The real question is how long the crew can resist the urge to shot them out an airlock sans space suits.

      • My thought exactly. Their antics could get people KILLED. Their presence canno be abided. Classic as the “stowaway” gag is, I don’t see this as being in their characters anyway, they’re not going to get any attention up here. Staying on earth would have been more to their benefit anyway, the people who best know how to stop them would have been gone and unable to foil their plans any more! They need to be jettisoned. Kind soul that Bill is, he’ll probably find a way to do it non-lethally. This is a “family” comic after all. But one can still hope.

      • Add enough spice and they should taste fine. Either that or break them down into components fat, protein and water, mix as needed with other ingredients for flavoring. Then again, it would serve them right for Sam to leave them on Mars when the crew heads back home.

  2. They consume oxygen and food which will not be accounted for.

    And they took up the space for lab equipment. Sweet and Sour or a la king dodo?

  3. Bleeeeehhh! I was so HOPING those two wouldn’t come along. They’ve become so annoying that just seeing them infrequently on any “meanwhile, back on Earth” arcs that they’d be tolerable.

    Bill’s far too nice a guy to give the dodos an “airlock inspection tour”. You need to get someone like Randy Milholland, creator of “Something*Positive” to do the dirty deed… 😉

    • If they removed actual equipment to make room for themselves, the mass difference is likely negligible. As a previous comment mentioned, I’m more concerned with the additional oxygen needs of two more life forms on board…not to mention two more mouths to feed

    • I’m with you. I normally despise the Tom Godwin story but in this case it does seem appropriate. Either the two of them grow up *real* fast or else they put the crew and ship in jeopardy by their antics or else they get to become acquainted with what Tom Godwin was talking about is the way my own mind would work. Let’s hope they grow up fast.

  4. We’ve read those science fiction novels. We’ve had high school physics. We know how this could go. Space ’em or use ’em for hydroponics section fertilizer. (But we know neither will happen; there will be wacky dodo hijinks for years.)

  5. *Clears throat, takes deep breath* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *Inhales,hangs head in frustration and disgust.*

  6. Since we obviously can’t just kill them off in a comic, my vote would be turn them into plants for the trip. And maybe leave them like that even after returning.

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