10 thoughts on “January 25, 2018

  1. Well, that’s one way to solve the oxygen problem with the Dodos — aside from putting them in an escape pod or jettison capsule (if the shuttle has any, of course) and blasting them back to Earth…

  2. Excellent solution! Now LEAVE them like that!

    Somehow, I’m guessing they’ll figure a way to be a pain. In truth, they don’t have to “figure a way”; being a pain is their default setting. *lol!*

  3. So they assumed the “aliens” they budgeted for would eat the same food but not need oxygen? And I would think they’d be cracking their CO2 to replenish the oxygen supply…

  4. That also keeps them from breaking anything, eating extra food, or otherwise causing catastrophic problems. I wonder if the flower dna was brought along for teraforming, or if there was a suspicion it might be needed for bird related issues. Would also solve the issue of what the aliens needed for respiration and food if not the same as us.

  5. And if they waste o2 by talking too much they can be picked, composted and used as fertilizer.

    No, don’t wait! Do it right now Sam!

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