14 thoughts on “January 26, 2018

  1. I do honestly hope the ‘Chrysanthemums’ don’t come up often. Given the sort of stuff they do regularly, such as misfire on controls, mess with communications, and several other things, they are an active hazard to everyone on board. (Though in all honesty, them being stuck as flowers on the ship is probably better for Earth and the crew once they get back.)

    I hate to say it, but they really have slid from “funny, but harmless, nuisance” to “why does anyone keep theses around” for me.

    • If you actively dislike the dodos, great! I’ve succeeded, as the intention is for them to embody every one humanity’s vices. That said, they’re crucial to the strip because without them, the rest of the cast wouldn’t have conflicts to propel the storylines.

  2. Good thing they weren’t transformed into mushrooms, then they’d have been kept in the dark, on top of everything else…

      • I wasn’t speaking scientifically, I was referring to an old bit of (employment-related) doggerel. “Because we’re mushrooms, mushrooms, I heard the boss remark / Mushrooms, mushrooms, they keep us in the dark / They feed us bits of bulls==t ’til we can’t take any more / when we stick our heads up, cut ’em off, and ship them out the door…”

        Granted, o2 consumption is a serious issue. But Mr. Holbrook, with all due respect, how can someone “plan” to have enough food for (extremely!) hypothetical space aliens, yet not *also* budget O2 for them? If you can justify one on the ship design (and get it past Rose’s eagle eyes!), you can justify both. That (throwaway?) line in the previous comic shouldn’t have been there. If space aliens exist in the Save Havens-verse, they’ll almost certainly have their own food AND O2!

  3. Well, SHE caught on pretty quick even if he didn’t!

    “Around my house there were always two choices for supper: Take it, or Leave it!”

    And at this point they might not even have options!

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