18 thoughts on “January 4, 2019

    • He did! Which caught Maria entirely by surprise. She then had to go back and engineer events so that he would appear in front of Samantha and Dave (his grandparents, of course).

      • Thought that that was an accident? o_O
        So instead of her going back to prevent him from Jumping (because of whatever restrictions there are concerning that sort of thing: ie she couldn’t stop him from jumping after the fact he jumped), she made sure, like any good caring parent, that the landing spot was safe

    • I guess some contributors aren’t seeing their comments. That would explain the other two from you and three from Stephanie for this strip. I’m also not seeing my own comments on different computers.

      • Heck, on my work computer I’m seeing 4 comments for this strip and, as of this writing, 13 on my home computer. Both on Chrome. None of mine show up on my work computer.

  1. Explains why Leonardo drew diagrams of ‘Flying Machines, Helicopters’ ‘Robots’ and all the artwork. (Probably went to “The Last Supper”, hid behind an Urn and sketched it.)

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