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  1. Simple logic, guys: Elder Maria was here first; Baby Maria got conceived and born into the same time-space afterward (no time travel involved). And neither of them will be doing any time travel for awhile. If Elder Maria does go poof into the time stream, she can’t come back until Baby Maria does her own time traveling and makes “space” for her.

    • That’s pretty much what I was thinking. The earlier strips implied that the limitation works with respect to the periods during which Elder Maria travels.

  2. Alternatively, it could merely be that Young!Maria and Old!Maria can coexist because Old!Maria is already there, and as every mother knows, when the baby is coming out, there’s no stopping it from doing so.

  3. Hmm, so she can’t jump to a time she occupies, but apparently she can to a time before that and exist in the natural flow of time to “double up”. Interesting

  4. ok, so that implies that this Elder Maria has to not do any time travel until Baby Maria reaches puberty, else they can’t “switch places” like past strips have shown, but as long as no time travel is involved, they can stay together, and Leo still has his mother around for the rest of his childhood, until he’s ready to go back and live out his days in his “traditional” time period in Italy.

  5. The laws of physics don’t allow paradoxes to be created, but that is completely separate from causality or from “meeting yourself”. As long as you don’t attempt to create a contradiction, it’s all good (and if you do, physical probabilities will be skewed to somehow prevent you from succeeding).

    There’s no (physics) problem with Maria meeting herself and even interacting with herself if the end result doesn’t change the sequence of events that have already happened (e.g. what happened in the Harry Potter stories).

    • Actually, a paradox isn’t a problem if you go by the multiple dimension theory. Because every time you go back in time you create a new dimension, which means the younger version of you isn’t from the same dimension as the older one. You can in theory go back in time and kill your own grandfather, because in the dimension you come from he lived long enough for your parent to be born. In the dimension you’re in now he doesn’t, and this dimension’s you is never born. Of course, if time travel is actually possible that means we don’t have a free will, but that is another issue, I think.

  6. Seems simple enough:

    Can’t JUMP to a time period when she already exists. Cannot activate this special power and arrive where she already is. However, she can “travel” through time the normal way, one day at a time, like the rest of us just fine.

    Also, unborn baby Maria in Samantha’s womb apparently didn’t gain the timewarping power mutation until after passing through irradiated space, so prior to the journey here, she wasn’t providing interference to Adult Maria any more than a normal human would.

    • I agree. I suspect that there will be an earlier comment that says the same thing.
      My posts aren’t showing up, even F5 or Control F5 doesn’t do it.
      Oddly, after I make another post, it sometimes shows up.
      Safe Havens has some sort of problem, even the mirror on billholbrook.com.

      • I never see my posts right after making them.
        I suspect there’s a lengthy moderation/approval process, like perhaps every single post has to be approved by a human to be sure we’re not all just typing ASCII penises all day and all night. 😛

    • The Blinovitch Limitation Effect occurs when there is a time differential between identical individuals; the differential causes an abrupt transfer of energy. Now, as pointed out elsewhere, Baby Maria is essentially neutral with respect to the ambient timeflow. This means she is the equivalent of an electrical ground. Now in the one instance we’ve seen a Blinovitch discharge (Brigadier to Brigadier in Dr. Who), I suspect that the “native” Brigadier, by virtue of having previously traveled in the TARDIS *wasn’t neutral any more* even with respect to his own timeline! Once disconnected by a TARDIS departure, you never quire mesh back in the same way. So, Adult Maria touching Baby Maria is OK, until baby makes her first time jump.

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