7 thoughts on “July 16, 2018

  1. For a moment, I thought that splash was Samantha…but then, she’s still got two months to go (but then again, with the exception of Danielle of “Kevn & Kell” most of the pregnancies in Bill’s comic’s ended a week or two early)

    • I know I keep wondering if Bill will ever force one of his characters to be induced or something rather than time it to add further tension to a situation 🙂

    • Well, he’s really well h…
      Oops… Sorry to leave you hanging, but this is family comic, after all…

    • It might be wrapped around his arm. Won’t work if the line is kinked, after all.

      There’s a worse problem, however, in that an IV requires gravity to work, i.e. it should be higher than any other part of your body, which this clearly isn’t.

      • No, the IV simply requires enougb pressure being exerted to push the fluid down the line and into Tomas’ bloodstream.

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