2 thoughts on “July 19, 2018

  1. Well, that maybe good for bats (and possibly vampires), but I’m not sure that it’ll do a human baby any good (the umbilical cord, you know)…

    …still Rosalind did use Remora’s tank just before she went into labor in early October ’15.

    Mind you, I had a foresight to this comic this morning, and I’m glad Samantha’s in today’s strip as it involved her.

    It was similar to this strip; http://safehavenscomic.com/comics/march-21-2015/ and whilst Samatha was in it, she was in her spacesuit and her baby bump was smaller (between 4-6 months) and her hair was more like Chelonia’s in “On the Fastrack” and parted in the middle at the top, she was talking to Rupert* and Rosalind, who were just about to go through a brown door, about continuing their TF genetic research, and they said they couldn’t continue it, and as they reach for the doorknob, they say “For the next nine months!” and then close the door whilst Sam has this broad grin over her face…

    Well, there is a factor that Rosalind’s family might increase whilst the others are on the Mars Mission – not to mention that the returning rocket may have a few more people on board than when it departed…

    Certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?

    (* = At least, I THINK it was Rupert, or it might’ve been Luis — but without his glasses or wheelchair)

    • I’m sure the umbilical cord is fine. It’s still inside the womb with the fetus. There’s not enough room in there for a yoyo-like effect.

      Now, all the blood rushing to her head, on the other hand. Humans hung upside down for long periods can black out, or even die. It’s been used as a medieval torture method.
      We politely ignore that about Thomas.

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