6 thoughts on “July 24, 2018

  1. You ought to get advice from Chelonia when she went into labor in August/September 2001 in “On the Fastrack” and/or Danielle from her 2006 pregnancy in “Kevin & Kell”…

    BTW, shouldn’t it really be 2 months to go? (After all, the due date is September, and we’re only just finishing July, so we’re still on the 7th month stage?)

    • Still, whilst you may say that, you still can’t call Ming and Jenny “Pros” since they only did it once (even if it was in unison)…

      (Why some people believe that a family with a single child can’t really be called ‘parents’ as there’s too many things left out — and that includes attempts at passing the blame if something happens in the house)

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