8 thoughts on “July 27, 2017

    • I am more curious at this point as to whether this means his daughter is actually like Vince and wasn’t originally human

      • I’ve suspected her of not being originally human since she was introduced; her very name is a not-so-subtle clue. “Feral” carries a connotation of creatures who have been domesticated and then returned to the wild, as opposed to wild and always wild. So, assuming she is transformed, figures something in the realm of housecat, dog, or pig. Rabbit is also plausible.

      • Sounds right to me. And the name (Feryl) is too close to “Feral” for me to believe it’s a coincidence.

        I think she was originally a stray cat. She might not even remember her old self, if the transformation happened a long time ago.

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