3 thoughts on “July 28, 2018

  1. It got started because of the collision of technical science and mainstream media. Spaceflight doesn’t change a person’t genes, but it (or any number of other activities that put a strain on the body) does affect gene expression. This recovers after returning to a typical ground-based life, but the rate of recovery is difficult to gauge because there are any number of complicating factors. The astronaut in question having a twin brother who had also been through the same training and physical conditioning allowed them to control for a lot of those complications and study his recovery much more clearly.

    But “recovery of gene expression after spaceflight compared to twin” gets skimmed by reporters and turned into “man has different genes from twin after spaceflight.” There are a lot of science reporters who do a lot of work to translate science into english, but one guy messes up and creates misinformation that grabs clickbait like that, and the damage is done.

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