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  1. In regards to weapons, the following maybe regarded useful;
    • To kill a Mysteron, requires high-voltage electricity.
    • The Martians of H.G. Wells and Jeff Wayne were killed by germs when all guns failed.
    • A Martian Mouse can be killed with bullets, but their biggest weakness is cheese (which they seem to hate)
    • To overcome Martian Manhunter, all it takes is cookies ( See “Scooby-Doo meets Batman: Brave & the Bold”)
    • As for the like of Marvin, I’m not sure what his weakness is.
    • Other aliens defeats include water melting them or (for some reason) loud polka music – not sure where these two were from, mind…

    Hope these’ll help.

    • They’re also useful if your noble patron wants you to design weapons and you don’t want something you designed to kill people. Or you come up with the idea, and know that if you can’t make one that actually works, everyone will assume that the concept is flawed.

      However my understanding is that the problems with Da Vinci’s designs often lay mostly in the fact that the technology to build them hadn’t been invented yet, so he had no way to test & improve them.

      • Upon examination of some of the designs they figured that the gears were reversed from a functional point. He did not want them to be used by anyone without his hand being in it.

        • Ok, fair enough. There were different causes for the different fail points. Some of them actually wouldn’t have worked. (I wonder if the gears were like putting fake towns on a map, or like a watermark on the proof you send a client.)

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