13 thoughts on “March 6, 2018

  1. Or someONE. Question is who?
    • Macho Anthro mice on motorbikes.
    • Green-skinned man-like creatures that can shapeshift.
    • Reddish-brown squid-like beings roaming around in three-legged fighting machines.
    • Small man-like creatures with heads like 8-Balls, no visible facial features apart from the eyes, dressed in tutus, basketball shoes and Roman helmets with scrubbing brushes as plumes.
    • Unseen beings with the power of retrometabolism, and whose only trademark are two wandering rings of green light.
    • Or all of the above.

    Take your pick.

    • What about a stranded botanists raising potatoes?
      Or big headed, skull-faced green humanoids that really, really hate yodelling?

      • Or possibly a ranch of insect/buffalo hybrids.

        So many possibilities…

        (personally, I’d go for Macho Anthro mice on motorbikes, but I think the intergalactic copyright police would be unhappy)

  2. OK, so I recognize the mice, J’on J’onzz, Marvin, Mysterons, Mars Attacks!, Mark Watney, Futurama, Dr. Manhattan, and My Favorite Martian. (Couldn’t figure out the squid-legged beings.)

    What about Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles? or John Carter of Mars?

  3. We also shouldn’t forget the five 3 foot martians who picked up the anniversary broadcast of War of the worlds and thought their martian fleet was attacking Earth, and they wind up crashing into the farmers barn in the small town of Big Bean.
    Dr Ziplock: Do something, you’re the pilot!
    Blaznee: How about if I eject?
    Blaznee: “Well, let’s see. We got a torqued-out digi-framus, our mega-spaz redundancy pile is on the blink, and it looks like we bruised our boo-boo. “

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