11 thoughts on “May 4, 2018

  1. You surely can’t think the Dodos had anything to do with it(?)

    Do you think it was possible that, if they were aimed, did they comes Mars?

    And if so, who did it? The Mysterons? Marvin’s kind? Or those in the Tripod Fighting Machines?

    • Probably turn out to be some sort of interplanetary golf game and their on the back nine and the meteors are the balls.

    • Possibly the ICE WARRIORS of the Planet Mars?
      or just an Intergalactic way of saying “Hey You kids, STAY OUTTA MY YARD!!”

  2. Both are exceedingly unlikely events. “Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence”, so I’d say she’s jumping the gun a little, one would need to have a third unlikely-but-targeted event before considering (much less concluding) “enemy action”. Of course, being paranoid doesn’t mean the universe isn’t out to really kill you.

  3. George Carlin was right — he did a sequence on humans finally meeting aliens:

    “What are we going to tell the Intergalactic Council Of Ministers the first time some young mother tosses her baby into a dumpster? How are we going to explain the Earth Delegate was late because his breakfast wasn’t ready, and he had to spend fifteen minutes in the kitchen slapping his wife? How are we going to explain that it’s a quaint local custom that millions of women have their [private bits] removed so they cannot experience pleasure, as it’s believed it will make them less likely to stray from their men? Can’t you tell just how pleased the rest of the universe will be to see us?”

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