5 thoughts on “November 9, 2017

    • Even if you don’t have connectivity, there’s still games. But odds are they’d still have connection to things like email though the ship’s system.

    • Tricky problem.

      As flowers they will generate O2 and need CO2, as does their “farm”.

      If there aren’t people, animals or an ongoing fire to generate CO2, eventually everyone (and the “farm”) will die.

      And how much power is needed to operate to spacecraft itself? Even with life support needs reduced, other power uses could still exceed the remaining capacity. 🙁

      Whatever solution Bill gives us, I hope he doesn’t paint himself into a corner for the length of the trip.

      Or maybe putting them into a non-interacting form for the trip is Bill’s way to avoid having to spend months on end with strips based in the ship, allowing him to skip from the start of the trip where everyone transforms directly to the end of the trip when everyone is restored.

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