15 thoughts on “October 13, 2018

  1. Grooves…

    Wait a minute.

    That’s the barrel of a projectile launcher. Those grooves are rifling; see how they spiral around? curved grooves on the inside of a explosion-propulsion-based weapon’s barrel stabilize whatever projectile is being launched; they’re called “Rifling”.

    Question is, what have they been laun-

    OH. They have their ammo piled up right there not even a kilometer away, don’t they…?

  2. ok, so given that it appears to be something akin to a Rail Gun, it fires in a straight line out the tube. can they map the orbital position of Mars and direction of the tube to coordinate with various events such as the loss of the solar array, Luis’s space walk tether accident, and the punctured cargo drop?

  3. Uh oooh… I’m not sure if it’s a smart idea leaning over what could be a gun barrel and looking down while lowering the camera into the hole…

    • it seems (to me) that you have to wait a bit, then revisit the comments page, then click Refresh on your browser — that’s what caused my post to appear. good luck.

      • Yeah, I figured that out. All of the safe havens pages need to be force ably refreshed. The comments page is not the same as the no comments page.

  4. A gun barrel in such a position on Earth would be fairly pointless. But on Mars, it could work. Lower gravity, very little air.

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