5 thoughts on “October 17, 2018

  1. I think that the company is gonna be pretty disappointed when they discover that the technology already exists on a smaller scale back on earth…

      • And patents don’t work that way. You can’t patent a discovery, only something that you actually invented. Patents have to be new, contain an inventive step and have to be industrially applicable. Most patents have the last thing covered, I have so far only seen one application that was actually rejected because of this. And it was basically because the invention defied the laws of physics and therefore couldn’t work (it was basically a perpetuum mobile).

  2. Not to complain, but if they are launching rocks, the rifling would not help any, unless they use a disposable sabot, like shotgun shells. But than they don’t need rifling.
    Rule of funny.
    Or maybe they are metal shells, we just haven’t caught any yet.

    • Aaand what is there a massive pile of quite close to the barrel of the weapon?

      That’s right. Metal objects that could easily be either launched directly or melted down into projectiles that then get launched.

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