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    • Actually, there is quite a number of things wrong with it. And there are legit concerns that had been brought up. None of which were “it’s wrong because it’s different.” The first of which is the idea of why they want to gender bend the Doctor. It’s not because it will create new story elements, but rather pander to people who aren’t even fans of the show. Specifically Feminists who spent years demanding a female Doctor, while they themselves don’t even watch the show and know very little about what actually makes the show good.

      No, I’m not a “fan” of the show. I mean I did watch one season, but that was pretty much only the 10th Doctor and Rose. Kind of lost interest shortly after that. I remember one video in specific, but I can’t seem to find it. Could have sworn that it was made by Aydin Paladin.

      Look, Staff of Safe Havens. I like your humor, but trust me, stay out of political controversy. When you’re being vague, it can be funny for everyone. But when you go into specifics about things that you clearly don’t understand, you become overly simplistic and appear to be doing nothing else except trying to “virtue signal” or “stir the pot”.

      You spent over 20 years without going political, please don’t start now. Thank you.

      • Of course I’ve been political for almost thirty years. (Did you not notice that Samantha’s mother is the state governor?)

        • I find myself reminded of that adage about Howard Stern from his WNBC years: those who don’t like him listen longer than those who do so they’ll have more to complain about.

      • They’ve been setting this up since Romana, and flat out starting mentioning it in 2010 with the new series. It’s not even close to pandering.

      • So…you haven’t watched the show in years, missed all the stuff with River and Missy and Clara playing Doctor stand-in, and yet you feel qualified to state this move is aimed at non-fans rather than a logical progression of where it’s been headed?

        Wow. We either got us a fake geek fanboy, or the virus is real.

      • Opinions are opinions to me, I don’t care what ones opinion are as long as they are respectful, You weren’t exactly very respectful in such aspects as of that but i’ve also seen worse, you’re neither right nor wrong in those ways. Many will agree, many will disagree. Also Bill has posted many things with politics in it, I mean most of his comics have them in it, one way or another. This one, and Kevin and Kell, both have politics in it. There is nothing wrong with politics, I don’t care for them truthfully, but I find it funny when making fun of them.

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