4 thoughts on “October 4, 2018

  1. Well, you do have two options to do with that suit now Samantha;
    1. Give it to Bambi, since it would be about her size.
    2. Keep it around, for someone else. After all, 4 years still gives plenty of chances for another pregnancy or two with the female crew members. (Who knows, someone might fall pregnant upon departing Mars and go into labor on the returning touchdown)

    Incidentally, hasn’t anyone noticed that all of the pregnancies in Bill comic have ended in exactly the same pattern?
    Each time, the Laboring mothers-about-to-be have been;
    A) Fully clothed
    B) Sitting up
    C) In agony

    You’d’ve thought Bill might’ve broken the mould with Samantha, since she’s the leading lady of the comic. For once, I’d like to see him end a pregnancy with the Laboring mother;
    A) Semi naked (underwear, swimwear, bikini top, vest, I don’t mind too much)
    B) Squatting, kneeling or on hands-&-knees.
    C) Having a pleasurable labor (or just a less agonising one, maybe not so pleasurable it’s orgasmic)

    Thankfully, with three recent weddings in the sister comics; Caniche’s last year Aby’s this year in “Kevin & Kell” and Fi’s in “On the Fastrack”, there maybe a chance of one of those three happening…after all, where there’s wedding bells, there’s a baby carriage not far behind….

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