16 thoughts on “September 12, 2018

  1. Breaking news, both figuratively and literally!

    (Wonder if it was that landing that tigger end it?)

    (Mind you, I wasn’t expecting this to occur till Saturday or Monday. Still, without a Sunday Strip Samantha’s labor might still last for another 10 days until the 22nd September)

  2. Well it looks like samantha will have the first Martian baby after all, although I am sure we all thought that was going to happen anyway.

  3. “My water has broken and I am inside an air-tight space-suit, which is also proving to be water-tight. ALL your arguments are invalid!
    …Now get me out of this thing before it fills up to my face and I go into the Guinness book of Records as the most disgusting drowning death in human history!”

  4. …..

    There’s one RADICALLY wrong thing here.

    I think it’s beyond probability that a space agency would allow someone in the third trimester to command a landing spacecraft. It’s just a massive risk to a child and mother together. Even if you could assume that they somehow miss a pregnancy before launch, there is no way I could see Deathany approving it as a mission commander on Earth.

    Like any good entertainment, I generally pull aside thoughts of real-world situations to enjoy, but as a Dad this one jarred me right out.

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