2 thoughts on “September 13, 2018

  1. Wonder if those diapers had been installed in advanced?

    Incidentally, it now looks like recent events in this comic have certainly broken two of my most recent dreams about this comic.

    The first one was during Monday/Tuesday night, but whilst the title said “Safe Havens” it was very different. For a start, the site’s wallpaper was plum purple, the date said it was Saturday and the whole page wasn’t done in Bill’s style.
    The comic page itself wasn’t in common squarish panels, but in individual strips, rather like the “Sabrina Online” archive page, but each strip was a single image. Further more, it wasn’t Mars, but the Moon, with a fully view of Earth. And the only character that appeared to be in the comic was Colleen from “Road Rovers”, sitting on the lunar surface (possibly on the edge of one of its craters) massively pregnant herself and naked “furry style”, doing some sort of meditation. The final panel on the strip was a close up of her profile, looking over her shoulder, her hair blowing in the lunar wind, Earth completely dominating the background and all see said was “It’s time”.

    The second was just last night. Thankfully this was done by Bill, and was dated Sunday 16th, and done in the style of the Sunday comic panels of his other two comics. This time, however, it had Leonardo and Marlon having somehow successfully stowed away onboard the landing shuttle and observing Samantha’s labor (I think Leonardo was in the process of trying to sculpt the moment in rock) from either within the kitchen or cargo bay areas. One panel seemed to be from Samantha’s POV of the landing party gathered around her (with the Dodos almost squashed out of sight at the bottom on the panel, whilst her gigantic naked belly and her bare knees dominated the rest of her view.
    However, just as Leonardo’s in fully artistic swing, two spacesuit-clad arms grab the two boys by the scruff of their necks, while in the final panel was an elongated version of the last panel from yesterday, everyone there still in their poses, but Samantha was stating “Head’s in position”…

    Certainly something, isn’t it?

    And yet, despite the comic and its creator’s world-known fame and the way it’s been excitingly written, it’s still somehow receiving prejudice from other sites, even when the events of the comic follow the site’s objective purpose, and may even draw attention to the comic itself, therefore more publicity.
    And whilst that site contains comics that have either been written or drawn far more poorly than others, it’s still Bill’s comics that somehow receive the most verbal lashings, from people who either don’t know any better or even know what’s good for them.

    I mean, who is it actually hurting? Nobody!
    Is it harming anybody physically? No.
    Mentally? No.
    Emotionally? No.
    Verbally? No.
    Subconsciously? No.

    So who’s doing the most harm? The trollers, of course. And yet, they’re the ones who get away Scott-free whilst the artist occasionally suffers from their verbal abuse. What is the Internet coming to?

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